Long Time Sun Apparel

"The color white represents the seven colors. Cotton is the flower of the Earth. It is good for your psyche, for your energy, and for your nervous system. Your way of dressing should be saintly and make you glow with grace. You should look like a sage and a prince or princess of peace and divinity." ~ Yogi Bhajan

It's hard to find great white clothing... we know! Long Time Sun Apparel was born from a desire to provide high-quality Kundalini Yoga apparel that lifts the spirit, celebrates the connection of all hearts, and inspires the prince or princess of peace and divinity that dwells within all of us. We offer clothing that's perfect for practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga as well as for just feeling radiant in everyday life.

The owner, Kyla Rose Maher, is a Kundalini Yoga enthusiast, teacher, & student. She owns two brick and mortar stores in Rhode Island and creates pop-up shops around the US with her "traveling boutique".

Questions? Email us anytime at kyla@longtimesunapparel.com or call 401-835-5611 Monday-Friday 11AM-5PM EST